My Role: Art Direction/Design. Agency: TBWA/Chiat/Day NY.
Art Director: Ariana DeLuca. Design Director: Melatan Riden.
Illustration: Eve Roussou. Creative Director: Deniz Marlali.
Photography: Kenneth Willardt.

TEDxNewYork is an event that celebrates curiosity, ideas, and New Yorkers in an ode to the world's cultural capital. Our team was tasked to develop concepts and create visuals across print, film and digital for the 2016 theme of "Down the Rabbit Hole". We were inspired by the idea of visually delving into one's mind and imagery of roman busts. We chose to make the speakers the heroes of the posters and represent their ideas bursting out of their head. The flower visuals were created by Marcelo Montreal and continued by Eve Roussou. The stretched letters in the logo represents the portal of ideas that the audience is about to enter. My role in the project was the creative development of the concept and imagery as well as the work behind the logo.


TEDxNY intro video

TED FlowersTED Flowers